The wind flushed in strings of memories attached to his past, as the drops of sunshine and rain illumated his present.

“Arunav, come fast the auto is here” said Arvind 

The voice of his brother seemed familiar, like his mother calling him out to have dinner with his cousins.

The red raging eyes when he revolted against everything, the wall he had built to fight against the preying eyes of his relatives seemed too high for his loved ones, his mother, his brother, his father all blocked away by the bricks of his silence.

The sound of the horn slowly fades into his awareness…. *Beep Beep* *Beeeeep*


“What are you doing man? Everyone is waiting for you” said Arvind.

As he got up from the wet pedestal, his feet comes out of the cold water, the wet footsteps left marks of his existence as he walks, waiting to be erased by the wind and time.

The rain has stopped, it seems…

The darkness of the dawn from his past roll like a cinema real in front of his eyes, his mother lying there stiff and still as a fly sat on her inflinched pupil…

As he sat inside the vehicle, taking him far away from his past, to remember once again the trees, the rivers and that wind that never lasts.


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