A Dreamless Slumber

The collective of all thoughts, a big bubble of consciousness, like a blanket holding every idea and creation itself, the scattering rays penetrate the end of time , tracing the future, mapping the past, watching over the now….

Dhanush opens his eyes, the glare of the sun itching his eyes, reminds him of a morning lost in time, “Get Up Da? എത്ര നേരം ആയി?” venkesh said.

 The force of gravity seemed stronger than usual, the subjective reality collides with the objective, the mind plays tricks like a wizard imprisoned by his own spell…

*Ting Tong* 

“It must be the garbage man” said Venkesh, expecting his friend to get up and take the garbage out.

Pushing against the mattress, fighting against the infinite forces of nature that remain stable… “Stable? Or ever collapsing each second?”

*Ting Tong* *Ting Tong*

“Da? Take the garbage out, I’m taking a fat shit here man, and where are all the roach clips? I just burnt my finger”

Pain, the prisoner of sanity, the sunlight from the window burns his face, slowly with each second, killing millions of atoms in a second, so much chaos but it feels peaceful, it feels complete, how long would it take for this sun light to burn his whole face? A thousand years! Rationality measuring time out of its reach, fading away into the bottomless pit, the body drifts away into time…..


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