The ceiling fan rotates slowly gaining speed with each second, the brown fins slowly dissappering in time, the shrill touch of the waves as it hits the bank of the ocean, touching the sand in the infinite pool of the liqu….

“Hey Devansh” said Vaishali, It’s been years since someone called him by that name, his mother used to call him that, DEV-ANSH a part of God as his mother had told him… “Is Vipul around? said Vaishali, He always hated her voice, the high pitched shrill of a noise she made,the black mark on her neck like a cancer eating her away…

“No! He is…” “Out yeah! That’s what you said the last four times I asked you” As she invited herself into the dimly lit room, the slow creaking of the door itching his ears as she closed it behind her. 

“I’m hungry” she said as she grabs the box of Chinese food, slurping the noodles, the tiniest drop of sauce falls on her perfectly white skirt, the perfect imperfection, causing you, making you, making this, now…  “You don’t like me do you?” Said Vaishali!

Was he stupid not to like her? The perfect pretty face, the canvas of god’s creation, he hated her with a dash of lust, funny how emotions mix like suspended paint, the countless times he pictured her naked getting undressed… “No it’s nothing like that, you are…. Umm…. Ok!” he said as he searched for a better word “OK?,Well…. ” As she reached out to the table to find the half lit cigarette, “You can’t smoke in here!” 

*DING* “It must be Vipul, I’ll get it” 


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