The G.O.D Delusion

Diviation, the cure for the insane, the medicine for the painter. 

Colliding realties, expanding possibilities, dissolving logic, scattering cultures, the pure form emerges from the garbage of human thought, the untouched potential of the unknown lying beneath us, the eyes look for the answers, close them once and experience the sight.

“The world ends so do I, I end so does the world” The mirror of ontological reality reflecting the fickle image of the biagoted absolute of the watcher’s  sight sitting on the throne of ignorance as he looks down upon the the diminished seed of self.

Don’t give into the astonishment, the realisation that reality is but a matrix of perception -Terrence McKenna

The passport to the numinous lies within, the GOD lies beneath this body, the cluster of ignorance and material ideas holds us off the sight of the ONE.





Transcending and pearcing through space and time, defying logic I go. The darkness over the horizon grows as I fly over the infinite oceans that flow. Beyond the expansion of the unknown I land watching over time as it unfolds.

Life becomes a diminished dream of my childhood as I see, the force of love and evil scattering and colliding with me. I become the shooting star a million light years away, I become the last glimpse of a dying old man as he fades away.


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