The sound of water droplets as it falls on the chair outside, tiny spheres of suspended droplets scatter into thousand tiny particles, splitting like an atom, scattering like a star.


Lying down straight, the tention in the spine like a life long itch, the cushion under the head, penetrates the skull.

Chill of the winter freezes the movement, actions ends, thoughts become symbols of inert words, floating in the vacuum of the mind.
The mystery in the letters that stand together, holding the plastic meaning of the abstract feelings; love, anger, frustration-mere symbols of human sounds, language becomes the barrier to the emotional realm.

*Breathing in*

The cool air glides into the nose, into the chest, expanding body, creating it, maintaining it, keeping it alive.

Lying there, in the moment, in the present self, slight itch on the tip of the nose, the test of the body.

“Mind awake, body asleep”

“Mind awake, body asleep”

“Mind awake, body asleep”

Accepting the sting like sensation on the nose as it branches out, accepting this reality as it is, bringing it into the comfort zone, bringing it to becoming me.

Each breath shorter than the last, as the body gets heavier with each moment, the breath slowly fades away, releasing the pain, relieving it from the struggle.

Sudden vibration, the terbulance of separation, the last attempt to stop the self from leaving.

“Mind awake, body asleep”

“Mind awake, body asleep”

“Mind awake, body asleep”


Floating, as the breeze of time flows through me.

There it is, the body, lying in the reality of suffering and pain.

I’m free

Free to go, free to be

Just as it is, just as ME!


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