Here, now breathing

Blood pushing through the veins, heart beats, for what? For who?

The point where existance feels like a burden, if only I could ends this, end now.

Theroies and stories I’ve heard it all

Emotions penetrating the skin, the drops fall in the well of silence creating the echo of life.

Life is beautiful says the living one, the beauty is in the looker eyes.

The beauty, the warmth, the silence the night all coming true as I close my eyes.

Jumping in and out of  reality, I seem to have many lives, I stand on the words that keep on falling, tipping off like dominoes one at a time.

Falling, stuck in time, waking into the light is what I seek. 

I’m half God, nothing is my reality.

The whole universe seems like an option in this reality, dead they say the ones who go away, hopping in and out time convincing myself to stay.

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